Olugbenga Anfela is a multifaceted and multidimensional genius. He combines the roles of a Writer, Speaker, Trainer, Career  and Speech Coach.

A highly resourceful speaker and mentor, Gbenga upholds the concept that ‘TRUE leadership is not just influence, but inspiration and empowerment.’ He floats an assortment of skill, originality and sheer passion in his style of delivery. With keen interest for capacity building, He places premium on the art of self development and mastery and strongly believes that anyone can become his dream if key skills are fostered. His belief has thus earned him a voice both locally and internationally where he has inundated his expertise in various communities and organizations.
Olugbenga is an exceptionally skillful writer and an award winning author, he holds seminars, summits, workshops, conferences and programs, for various audience groups including corporate, government and private sector.
He has authored several books to his credit and his books are trending on Amazon; some of his books are:
·         Success Pills
·         The Eagle Believer
·         First Among Equals
·         Against all Odds
·         Extravagant Grace
·         The Wealthy Place.
.         Unlimited Possibilities
.         Unbroken
.         Tempress Recipe
.         How to love your man
.         Crossroad: where two ends meet
.         Shattered Dream
Olugbenga Anfela is happily married to Oluwayemisi and their union is blessed with two adorable children, Donald and Davina.



More can be read about him through his websites; and